Minimalist and classy, rings find a special place of adoration for women of today, especially those who like to go easy on accessorizing their look. Amongst the favorite in this category, the solitaire takes away the first place. With all its sparkle and dazzle, a solitaire is the prettiest way to boast about your tastes in fashion. However apart from the chunky bold solitaire there are various other types of rings customized by Jewels Forum that can add much charm to your individual styling.


These days diamond jewellery shopping has gained popularity. Pretty and perfect, for modern fashionable women, rings happen to be one of the most important jewel accessories. Keeping the importance and demand of beautiful, artistic rings, Jewels Forum unveils a special collection of timeless treasures in the same category.


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  1. x Stone Type: Ruby
Rs. 0 Rs. 55816 Rs. to Rs.
  1. Rings (10)
  2. Earrings (23)
  3. Pendants (26)
Diamond Setting
  1. Prong (3)
  2. Plate Prong (4)
  1. Contemporary (4)
  2. Diva (7)
  3. Floral (1)
  4. Classic (2)
Diamond Shape
  1. Round (6)
  1. Casual Outings (7)
  2. Parties And Weddings (5)
Stone Type
  1. Only Diamond (169)
  2. Blue Sapphire (3)
  3. Ruby (10)
  4. Emerald (2)
Stone Shape
  1. Round (5)
  2. Marquise (1)
  3. Princess (1)
  4. Pear (1)
  5. Oval (2)
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