Rings below 10,000/Gifts

Rings Below 10,000/Gifts

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Make your love feel special by gifting her engagement ring that will speak loads about your everlasting relationship. Even if you have a tight budget, some simple steps will let you buy the best Engagement Rings that are below 10000.

Go for Vintage look

Create an illusion of additional carats by choosing a halo setting which has a circle of smaller stones around the center stone. Not only can this type of setting make the stone in the centre look bigger, it can also completely change the look of the diamond by giving it a vintage look that will stand out from a regular Solitaire Ring.

Prong setting can save you

Opt for a minimal prong setting which secures the diamond like a tripod above the band, over a bezel one that contains a metal ring encircling the sides of the gemstone to hold it in place. Since more of the stone is visible, a prong setting can be a great way to highlight the diamond. The cleaning is also a lot easier.

Look for the right one

Shopping for a diamond centers on the "4 Cs"cut, carat, clarity and color. When it comes to the carat size, you can save a good amount of money without sacrificing the look of the stone by buying 18 K Diamond Engagement ring.

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  1. x Style: Fashionable
Rs. 0 Rs. 10917 Rs. to Rs.
  1. Rings (23)
  2. Earrings (72)
  3. Pendants (13)
Diamond Setting
  1. Pave Prong (1)
  1. Contemporary (24)
  2. Diva (26)
  3. Floral (6)
  4. Classic (17)
  5. Hearts (3)
  6. Fashionable (2)
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Diamond Shape
  1. Round (1)
  1. Formal Gatherings (2)
  2. Parties And Weddings (2)
  3. Anniversary/Birthday Gifts (2)
Stone Type
  1. Only Diamond (2)
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