Rings below 10,000/Gifts

Rings Below 10,000/Gifts

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Make your love feel special by gifting her engagement ring that will speak loads about your everlasting relationship. Even if you have a tight budget, some simple steps will let you buy the best Engagement Rings that are below 10000.

Go for Vintage look

Create an illusion of additional carats by choosing a halo setting which has a circle of smaller stones around the center stone. Not only can this type of setting make the stone in the centre look bigger, it can also completely change the look of the diamond by giving it a vintage look that will stand out from a regular Solitaire Ring.

Prong setting can save you

Opt for a minimal prong setting which secures the diamond like a tripod above the band, over a bezel one that contains a metal ring encircling the sides of the gemstone to hold it in place. Since more of the stone is visible, a prong setting can be a great way to highlight the diamond. The cleaning is also a lot easier.

Look for the right one

Shopping for a diamond centers on the "4 Cs"cut, carat, clarity and color. When it comes to the carat size, you can save a good amount of money without sacrificing the look of the stone by buying 18 K Diamond Engagement ring.

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  1. Rings (184)
  2. Earrings (225)
  3. Pendants (197)
  4. Bracelets (15)
Discount offer
  1. 10% Flat Discount (6)
Discount Base On
  1. Flat (9)
Diamond Setting
  1. Prong (16)
  2. Bezel (8)
  3. Channel (1)
  4. Plate Prong (18)
  5. Pave Prong (2)
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  1. Contemporary (24)
  2. Diva (26)
  3. Floral (6)
  4. Classic (17)
  5. Hearts (3)
  6. Fashionable (2)
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Diamond Shape
  1. Round (42)
  1. Formal Gatherings (16)
  2. Casual Outings (27)
  3. Parties And Weddings (18)
  4. Anniversary/Birthday Gifts (2)
Stone Type
  1. Only Diamond (39)
  2. Ruby (7)
  3. Emerald (1)
Stone Shape
  1. Round (6)
  2. Marquise (1)
  3. Oval (1)
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  1. Celestial White Gold Ring

    Rs. 8,780.00

    A simple yet stylish lightweight ring in dual tone, this has been designed with absolute perfection and care. Geometrical patterns add a smart touch to the ring.

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  2. Luno Love Diamond Ring

    Rs. 9,212.00

    Style meets innovation in this solitaire diamonds ring. Designed impressively, this has been crafted to perfection and is simply the right choice for every occasion.

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  3. Entangled lovebirds diamond ring

    Rs. 8,840.00

    If immortalizing your love through diamonds is your desire, then Buy Diamond Ring Online which has a plain yellow gold band. There are two heart signs on top in yellow and white gold entwined together and with two diamonds encrusted in the hearts.

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  4. Scarlet heart diamond ring

    Rs. 7,567.00

    White gold is beauty in itself and when that enamoring white gold is offset by blood red diamonds, the effect is extraordinary and alluring. The unusual color combination is the standout feature while little hearts bring a feeling of romance in life and online jewellery shopping!

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  5. Amber moonlight diamond ring

    Rs. 8,345.00

    Artistic designs look even more prominent when they are offset with the brilliance of white gold. The ring has a plain circle with a waving line intersecting at the top with the diamonds set on the line. The design is altogether bright and beautiful that sets apart Online Diamond Jewellery.

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  6. Marine wave square set diamond ring

    Rs. 9,480.00

    An exquisitely beautiful design which is modern at the same time, this diamond ring is crafetd from yellow gold with a square at the top with the diamonds set there. The ring and the square are joined together by a line of white gold to give an air of refinement that is a mark of online diamond jewellery shopping.

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  7. Tiara design gold and diamond ring

    Rs. 9,480.00

    The desirability of a diamond ring is enhanced through careful designing. Here the plain gold band is encircled with a line of white gold and a triangle running the base of the ring. Three petite diamonds sit within this triangle which shows the artistry of Diamond Rings Online.

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  8. Diamond ring to get a touch of royalty

    Rs. 8,411.00

    Now you can move around royally with this refined gold ring where the yellow is dramatically contrasted with four slanting lines of white gold. The centre of attraction is one diamond encircled with white gold. The design is a mark of the latest Indian jewellery that has taken the market by storm.

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  9. Elegant yellow gold diamond ring

    Rs. 10,019.00

    Diamonds have the ability to make any girl's heart go aflutter. Here the predominantly yellow gold ring has slim band of white gold running through the lenght of it and concludes in a slanting line on top. Three diamonds are set in adjacent to the line that compels one for online jewellery shopping.

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  10. Eye catching diamond encrusted gold ring

    Rs. 9,480.00

    Simplicity is the by word in the modern days. Here the design has a broad gold band and a slim white gold band with two diagonal line in white gold. The precious four diamonds are set within this lines which is one of the Latest Jewellery Designs.

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