Minimalist and classy, rings find a special place of adoration for women of today, especially those who like to go easy on accessorizing their look. Amongst the favorite in this category, the solitaire takes away the first place. With all its sparkle and dazzle, a solitaire is the prettiest way to boast about your tastes in fashion. However apart from the chunky bold solitaire there are various other types of rings customized by Jewels Forum that can add much charm to your individual styling.


These days diamond jewellery shopping has gained popularity. Pretty and perfect, for modern fashionable women, rings happen to be one of the most important jewel accessories. Keeping the importance and demand of beautiful, artistic rings, Jewels Forum unveils a special collection of timeless treasures in the same category.


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  1. Lotus Petal Diamond And Gold Ring

    Rs. 20,042.00

    This diamond and gold ring has a twisted and curved white gold band and a central dazzling diamond that is beautifully flanked by multiple diamonds which give a look of sophistication and elegance to the wearer.

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  2. Heart Of Fire Diamond And White Gold Ring 

    Rs. 15,534.00

    A diamond ring can be the reflection of its owner and this diamond ring that has elliptical shaped centre and diamond encrusted gold band  that reflects favorably on the wearer because the design is all about elegance and class.

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  3. Color Of Freedom Diamond And White Gold Ring

    Rs. 13,004.00

    White gold is brilliant in itself and when it is studded with three precious diamonds, then the look goes up by a notch. The gold band is simple in its look and three diamonds give it a perfect look which makes it apt for all time wear.

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  4. Love Knot Diamond And White Gold Ring

    Rs. 15,205.00

    If you like to surprise your lady with pieces of brilliance, then look no further than this diamond ring set in white gold. The ring has a simple band and the top has a knotted design with a single solitaire set in the middle.

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  5. Sea Foam Diamond Ring In White Gold

    Rs. 29,493.00

    If it is about beauty and brilliance, then this diamond ring has both. The ring can be an excellent choice for the corporate women of today with its simple band and single diamond.

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  6. Winding Way Curved Gold And Diamond Ring

    Rs. 18,147.00

    This diamond and gold ring is the epitome of beauty and class. The simple ring has a slim gold band which is flanked by two curved gold line and a pretty diamond at the centre. A must wear if you have an impeccable taste.

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  7. Oyster Shell Gold And Diamond Ring

    Rs. 29,095.00

    Diamonds can lift up the mood of any person and if you are a diamond aficionado then this design is sure to appeal you. There is a slim gold band along with a diamond studded offshoot and the top part has a single diamond set in gold.

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  8. Bouquet Of Flower Gold And Diamond Ring

    Rs. 18,637.00

    Brilliant diamond rings are a thing to cherish. So buy this diamond ring that has a slim gold band and elaborate design on top. The shining diamond sits prettily inside the gold setting to give it a look of class.

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  9. Flower Petal Gold And Diamond Ring

    Rs. 18,780.00

    Simplicity is the one word to describe this exquisite ring that is perfect for any occasion. The gold band has a parallel joint on one side and the stand out feature is undoubtedly the magnificent diamond at the centre.

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  10. Water Child Gold And Diamond Ring

    Rs. 19,826.00

    If diamonds are forever, then invest in a piece that will never go out of style. This ring has double gold bands on one side and the other side has a curved line. The beauty of the design is accentuated with the diamond at the centre.

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