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Casual Rings

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To help the uber, up front woman experiment with their fashion choices Jewels Forum brings forth an awe inspiring collection of casual rings; rings for everyday wear. These rings will not only pep up your style but will be a perfect addition to complete your look for casual outings or kitty parties. Designed for the cool gen next woman these casual diamond rings are lightweight and beautiful.

Now if you do not have much time because of your hectic schedule, then go for Diamond Rings online. Planning for gifting your loved one? Then, simply drop in to  We not only will provide you with a lot of options, but will also provide you with unique customizable options. We are committed to deliver the best quality to our customers. We are always there for you for any assistance. Along with women accessories, we have stylish casual rings which fulfill the demands of rings to each and every genre casual rings for all of our customers from across the world. Believing in quality and best services, that's why we employ highly-skilled craftsman and jewelry designers.

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  1. White blossoms diamond ring

    Rs. 14,605.00

    This diamond ring has a single piece of diamond in the middle and encircled with 12 small dimonds set in white gold. The diamond bunch is held together by a gold line attached to the diamond set. A design exuding artistry, the design is an amalgamation of refinement and beauty which forces you to lay a hand on the Latest Jewellery Designs.

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  2. Prince Charming Ring With Single Diamond

    Rs. 10,630.00

    While diamonds are relate able with women, surprise and please the man in your life with this simple yet sophisticated Mens' ring. It has a simple yellow gold band with a single diamond in the middle set with white gold. The diamond is encased in a line of white gold going round the ring and terminating around the diamond.

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  3. Rays of Sunshine Diamond Ring

    Rs. 13,794.00

    Diamonds are the best and worthiest gift to please and pamper your beloved. This diamond ring has two lines of multiple diamonds set together on the top and has a thin line of white gold running through the middle of the ring. The perfect amalgamation of white, yellow and dazzling diamonds is the standout feature of this love band.

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  4. Regal Diamond Encrusted Forever Together Ring

    Rs. 11,540.00

    Valentine's Day is never complete without a beautiful ring that is a symbol of undying and eternal love. This diamond ring is set is yellow gold and has thin and contrasting line of white gold running through one side and culminating in a 'V' design on top with the five diamonds set there.

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  5. Timeless love gold and diamond ring

    Rs. 15,668.00

    Love and diamonds go hand in hand, therefore make your love stronger with this band of love in yellow gold. Completely in yellow gold, the band is broad on one side and taper on the other side where the 7 diamonds are set together in a line that exudes the trends of latest indian jewellery in gold and diamond sections.

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  6. Majestic diamond ring set in gold

    Rs. 17,958.00

    A gold ring is precious in itself and when the design is something to be worn and cherished all the time, the love for the diamond grows manifold. Here we have a broad gold band with wave of diamonds set in white gold which is the latest diamond jewellery designs online that you can definitely buy.

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  7. Sunset yellow patterned diamond ring

    Rs. 11,588.00

    A marvelous combination of white gold and yellow gold, the single piece of diamond set in the middle look good with any attire. The base is a yellow band with white gold line with an intricate design at the front that has the mark of Latest Jewellery Designs.

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  8. Entangled lovebirds diamond ring

    Rs. 8,840.00

    If immortalizing your love through diamonds is your desire, then Buy Diamond Ring Online which has a plain yellow gold band. There are two heart signs on top in yellow and white gold entwined together and with two diamonds encrusted in the hearts.

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  9. Artistic Three Tiered Ring

    Rs. 23,023.00

    A beautiful design, this diamond ring has three yellow gold bands in semi circle encrusted with multiple diamonds and of varying size. The lower part is in gold and the intricate design at the side along with the curved gold band takes up the look of the ring by quite a few notches. The equal stress on gold and diamond pattern gives the design a unique look.

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  10. Encircled Three Band Ring

    Rs. 23,121.00

    Though a cliché statement, diamonds are indeed a girl’s best friend. This design has three yellow gold bands. The middle band is fully encrusted with diamonds and the sides bands are half encrusted with diamonds and the other half in yellow gold. The converging point of the yellow gold and diamonds has a white gold strip. Altogether, the look is jaw dropping.

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