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Searching for the right kind of party jewelry? Then Jewels Forum has something really special for you. With intricate as well as ornate designs you are bound to fall in love with this exclusive range of pendants.

Tips for Buying Diamond Party Pendants

Indian design of diamond pendant is not just sleek and stylish or easy to wear but they usually come in simple designs that adorn a radiant look. Usually pendants were Spherical or round but today for the contemporary woman they come in multifarious shape like floral, butterfly and many other interesting options.  Diamond Party Pendants are probably the most versatile piece of jewelry out there. They can be worn with anything, for any occasion.  They’re great for casual evenings, for work and also great for formal occasions too. If you haven’t yet gifted it to your loved one, be it your girlfriend, wife, or fiancé, come bring a smile to your loved one today.

We are constantly striving to offer you with something rare fitting your budget. We are indeed proud of our expert artists who work tirelessly to give you something rare and exclusive which is completely customized for your and which no one else would have. We provide you with the facility of lifetime exchange and guarantee that 100% refund will be done if you don't like the product. We are committed to provide the best to you.

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  1. Rings (184)
  2. Earrings (225)
  3. Pendants (197)
  4. Bracelets (15)
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  2. Diva (42)
  3. Floral (1)
  4. Classic (28)
  5. Hearts (3)
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  1. Round (90)
  1. Formal Gatherings (13)
  2. Casual Outings (39)
  3. Parties And Weddings (59)
Stone Type
  1. Only Diamond (66)
  2. Blue Sapphire (7)
  3. Ruby (12)
  4. Pearl (5)
  5. Emerald (2)
  6. Yellow Sapphire (1)
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Stone Shape
  1. Round (18)
  2. Marquise (2)
  3. Bagguets (1)
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  6. Oval (6)
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  1. Shankhmukhi Pearl Pendant

    Rs. 18,578.00

    Crafted expertly, this features a beautiful pearl at the centre. Jewelsforum brings for you exquisite and stylish diamond pendant online.

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  2. Blue Sapphire Dual Rhombic Pendant

    Rs. 10,586.00

    Excellently designed, this pendant comes with a beautiful blue sapphire that makes it the perfect piece to flaunt in evening parties. Look stunning with this pendant from jewelsforum.

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  3. Ruby Ziggy Diamond Pendant

    Rs. 27,016.00

    Do you love unique designs? Then gift this beautiful and exquisite diamond pendant with ruby that has been designed crafted with excellence, just for you.

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  4. Interlacy Swirly Floral Diamond Pendant

    Rs. 16,446.00

    If you love ethnic designs, coming in a fresh new look, then bring home this timeless piece of jewellery. Coming with a flower this will make you look elegant and smart.

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  5. Dahlia Diamond Pendant

    Rs. 29,112.00

    Be the star of the Evening Party by wearing this designer floral shaped Diamond Pendant. Jewelsforum brings amazing floral designs that are especially crafted just for you.

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  6. Flaming Ruby Delight Diamond Pendant

    Rs. 23,858.00

    Flaunt your style by donning this charming pendant. Expertly crafted this comes with a brilliant ruby that makes it look eye-catching indeed. Jewelsforum brings for you designs that are perfect for evening parties.

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  7. Spiral Weaved Diamond Pendant

    Rs. 39,692.00

    Intricately crafted, this royal looking pendant features four half wheel motifs, with beautiful and sparkling diamonds. Perfect to go with your ethnic wear, this will act as a style statement for sure.

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  8. Stylish Paon du Jour Diamond Pendant

    Rs. 64,485.00

    A perfect anniversary gift for your wife, this diamond pendant designed like a butterfly has been designed with extreme care and elegance. Jewelsforum brings for you ravishing and smart designs.

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  9. Floral Diamond Heart Pendant

    Rs. 21,368.00

    Featuring eight beautiful hearts, this Diamond Heart Pendant has been designed with perfect artistry. Jewelsforum brings for you designs that you will love to flaunt.

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  10. Chakrika Diamond Pendant

    Rs. 21,497.00

    Designed for stylish woman, this attractive diamond pendant is extremely fashionable. Jewelsforum brings for you rare and exquisite designer collection perfect for anniversary gifts.

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