Diamond Pendants for Mangalsutra

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Why Mangalsutra?

The mangalsutra is considered a talisman to keep away the evil eye. The black colour of the beads is said to absorb all negative vibes before they can reach the bride and her family. The stringing together of the beads into one thread has its significance as well. Just as each bead contributes to making a beautiful necklace, so does the woman have to blend and integrate into the new family after marriage. These days Diamond pendants on Mangalsutras are available in smart and stylish designs to accentuate your beauty.

We are indeed proud of our expert artists who work tirelessly to give you something rare and exclusive which is completely customized for you. We provide you with the facility of lifetime exchange and guarantee that 100% refund will be done if you don't like the product. We are committed to provide the best to you. Representing the divine and everlasting relationship, that a husband and wife shares, Jewels Forum presents exclusive designs in mangalsutra especially crafted for you.

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  1. Shadow Of Peace Diamond And Gold Pendant

    Rs. 18,653.00

    This pendant has a bean shaped design that is joined with the beads by two gold lines studded with diamonds. The middle of the bean motif has a diamond encrusted triangle while the lower end has a single diamond that elevates the look from ordinary to classy.

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  2. Waves Of Moring Breeze Diamond And Gold Pendant

    Rs. 30,775.00

    Mangalsutras hold a special position in every married woman’s heart and make this possession even more precious by gifting her a diamond encrusted mangalsutra. Here we have three pear shaped gold motifs set with diamond and having designs on the inside. There are similar designs on the two sides that altogether give a look of chic elegance to the mangalsutra.

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  3. Royal Touch Gold And Diamond Mangalsutra

    Rs. 43,134.00

    This mangalsutra is all about grace and charm because of the clean, simple and beautiful design. There are three elliptical motifs that are set with diamonds on the side and have gold carvings on the inside. The design resonates with perfection while adding some panache to your dressing up style.

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  4. Aqua Life Diamond And Gold Mangalsutra

    Rs. 44,233.00

    The central motif resembles that of a fish with a square at the centre. The fish motif is held together with two gold lines on each side, one of which is encrusted with diamonds so bring the aqua touch to your jewelry by wearing this mangalsutra studded with diamonds.

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  5. Shining North Star Diamond And Gold Mangalsutra

    Rs. 31,835.00

    There are two elongated shapes that have diamonds encrusted in a star pattern. The crowning glory is the diamond floral motif with a gold pear drop and diamonds set inside it. This mangalsutra has been designed in such a way that it complements every eastern wear that you don.

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  6. Inverted Pyramid Gold And Diamond Mangalsutra

    Rs. 26,013.00

    This mangalsutra is awash with the bright shine and dazzle of diamonds. Here we have two curved lines set with diamonds and an inverted pyramid is at the centre encrusted with diamonds which gives the mangalsutra a look of elegance and beauty.

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  7. Sprightly Seahorse Diamond And Gold Mangalsutra

    Rs. 19,402.00

    This mangalsutra is artistic and creative with a combination of gold and diamond placed strategically to enhance its beauty. There is a semi circle of yellow gold on top and the bottom has a line in seahorse pattern set with diamonds. The final look of the mangalsutra is exquisite yet clean.

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  8. Beating Heart Diamond And Gold Mangalsutra

    Rs. 23,493.00

    Here you have two golden lines that culminate at the centre to form a diamond encrusted heart shape. The overall look is that of pure sophistry and a mangalsutra that expresses the undying love you have for each other is a must have possession.

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  9. Twilight Fantasy Diamond And Gold Mangalsutra

    Rs. 44,233.00

    This pendant has five petal motifs set with diamonds. There are two golden lines at the sides that have two knots at the edges. Mangalsutras can be open to experimentation and this one is a proof of that.

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  10. Flow With Convention Diamond And Gold Mangalsutra

    Rs. 26,330.00

    This design has a semi-circle gold line and two curved gold lines encrusted with diamonds which culminate in a triangle set with brilliant diamonds. This mangalsutra is for those who like to keep their mangalsutra design simple and in sync with conventions.

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