Diamond Hearts Pendants

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These Diamond Hearts Pendants are perfect to express your love for someone. Delight your beloved with diamond heart pendants in ornate designs. Diamonds speak of promise, make yours an everlasting one with beautiful creations from Jewels Forum.


Desired by love and designed to perfection, Jewels Forum presents some extraordinarily stunning designs that will add a spark to your style. With a lot of options and personalization opportunities you can now look ever glamorous with our exquisite collection that has been specially designed to suit your personality.

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  1. Warped Heart Diamond And Ruby Pendant

    Rs. 7,767.00

    Here the design talks for itself where we have a yellow gold heart encrusted with diamonds and a heart shaped red ruby resting at the bottom. This is much more than a piece of jewellery because the feeling of love gets expressed explicitly while gifting the heartwarming pendant.

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  2. Spade Of Love Gold And Ruby Pendant

    Rs. 4,097.00

    Love can come in any shape and size and here we have a pretty heart shaped pendant in yellow and white gold. The outer layer is a glittering yellow and the inner layer is a pristine white. The final touch comes in the form of a ruby that sits pretty at the peak giving an ultimate aura of regality and elegnace around your neck.

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  3. Moments Of Love Gold And Diamond Pendant

    Rs. 15,464.00

    The pendant is a beauty in multiple layers with the outer layer in gold culminating in a diamond encrusted heart from which emerges a wavy line of diamonds. The design is very simple yet exudes class, creativity and craftsmanship.

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  4. Royal Touch Gold And Diamond Pendant

    Rs. 17,084.00

    This pendant has touched of both yellow and white gold with a line of diamond on the inside. The effect is enthralling and every woman who sets her eyes on the pendant will fall in love with it instantly. The design is unique and the effect quite marvelous and stunning.

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  5. Gold and Ruby Dual Heart Pendant

    Rs. 8,459.00

    This pendant is in a pretty combination of white and yellow gold with each flank in a separate colour. The centrepeice is the heart shaped ruby which is gives every woman a reason to buy and flaunt it as a signature piece of jewelry.

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  6. Diamond And Ruby Heart Line Pendant

    Rs. 12,353.00

    When you want the best of everything, buy this ruby, diamond and yellow gold pendant with a simple and elegant design. The diamond is set on top with the ruby at a side. The design is such as to appeal to the modern and choosy women of today and the pendant makes it to their must buy list.

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  7. Colors Of Love Pendant

    Rs. 10,973.00

    This pendant perfectly combines gold, diamond and ruby. While the outline is in gold, two heart shaped diamond and ruby is set on the two sides with touches of diamond at the top and bottom. The design is ideal for every woman and fit to accessorize any dress with because of the blending of three colors.

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  8. Half Heart In Gold With Elliptical Diamonds

    Rs. 25,856.00

    This diamond pendant has a gold outline on one side and an elliptical gold band set with diamonds on the other side. The diamonds have curved gold lines in between. The tasteful design is hard to find and can be the perfect piece to make a bland dress bright and beautiful.

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  9. Love Locked Diamond And Ruby Pendant

    Rs. 25,279.00

    This pendant has the most timeless design - that of a heart studded with diamonds and rubies. The effect is scintillating and it perfectly complements your style book to make you the cynosure of every party.

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  10. Forever Together Gold And Diamond Pendant

    Rs. 8,847.00

    This is a pendant with two diamond encrusted hearts. The look is regal in a modern sophisticated way and is an ideal addition to the jewelry box of a lady who wants to be fashionable in a sedate and sober way.

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