Diamond Alphabets Pendant

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The most imaginative objects which chains made possible are the pendants. Necklaces of Etruscan women early adopted their use. Their pendants were made of hollow concave places between which usually a relic, or an object held in veneration as a charm, cure or preventative of evil or danger used to be placed. The importance of Pendants was lost towards the end of the fifteenth century. Ships were made to commemorate the armada of 1588. Later, the shape of letters of the alphabet were adopted, generally the initials of their owner or the local monarch. This vogue reached its culmination in the sixteenth century in the seventeenth century pendants lost its popularity which it again got back in eighteenth century.

Flaunt your initials in style. Adorn your favorite pendant with this as these days alphabet pendants are very much in fashion.

We own a rare collection of exclusive diamond pendants are handcrafted to perfection and are available in a variety of designs and settings. You will simply be spilt for choices, from white and gold diamond pendants at prices that fit any pocket, we promise to offer you the best indeed. Add a dazzling touch to your personality with exclusive and graceful Diamond Alphabet pendants from Jewels Forum. Not only do we offer great designs but also things which are sleek and exclusive designed especially for modern woman.

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  1. Yellow Gold AB Alphabet pendant With 0.04 Ct Natural Certified Diamonds

    Rs. 7,651.00

    Yellow Gold Pendant with 0.04 Ct natural diamonds

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  2. Charming Bloomy B Alphabet Diamond Pendant

    Rs. 4,965.00

    Bold and stylish, this pendant has been designed with absolute care and perfection. Showcasing a brilliant diamond at the centre, it has a beautiful floral design that provides a stunning look to it.

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  3. A-B Diamond Alphabet Pendant

    Rs. 4,243.00

    An excellent gifting option, your loved one will surely be delighted to get this sleek and fashionable diamond alphabet pendant. Featuring two initials this is perfect for casual outings.

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  4. A-S Diamond Alphabet Pendant

    Rs. 4,243.00

    Let your love find expressions with this extremely beautiful alphabet pendant. Jewelsforum brings to you smart and latest jewellery online.

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  5. P-S Diamond Alphabet Pendant

    Rs. 5,033.00

    Express your love by wearing this diamond alphabet pendant designed with excellence. Jewelsforum brings to you smart designs at pocket friendly prices.

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  6. B Diamond Alphabet Pendant

    Rs. 5,225.00

    Look stylish and smart by wearing this sleek diamond alphabet pendant. Perfect for regular wear, this is something you will love to have. Jewelsforum brings to you sleek designs.

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  7. K Diamond Alphabet Pendant

    Rs. 5,735.00

    Excellent and light in weight, this diamond pendant can be an excellent gifting option too. Perfect for casual outing, this is something you will love to own.

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  8. Enhance Your Love With A ‘K’ Shaped Pendant

    Rs. 3,779.00

    The outstanding feature of the pendant is the extremely eye catching and creative yellow gold ’K’. While that is beautiful, the effect is heightened with the pretty small diamond that is there at the top of the alphabet.

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  9. Join Two Hearts With ‘H’ Shaped Pendant

    Rs. 3,148.00

    The alphabet in the pendant is designed in an artistic way and the pretty small diamond is nestled at the very top of it. When beauty and simplicity are your priority, then you will surely heart this H shaped pendant.

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  10. Treasure The Precious Time With This ‘P’ Pendant

    Rs. 7,442.00

    The outer line of the pendant is in yellow gold and the inner line is encrusted with brilliant diamonds. Pick this nicely crafted and finely deigned ‘P’ pendant when you want to gift yourself or others some pure happiness.

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