Diamond Studs

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This classy and elegant piece of jewellery suits every outfit and is a perfect choice for the contemporary woman of today. These charming pieces are sure to make you an eye catcher in any gathering for sure. Diamond stud earrings are the perfect gift as every woman is keen to own her own pair.  

Tips for Buying Diamond Studs

Indian design of diamond studs earrings are not just easy to wear but they usually come in simple designs that adorns a radiant look. Usually diamond studs are Spherical or round but today for the contemporary woman they come in multifarious shape like floral, butterfly and many other interesting options.  White Gold Studs are probably the most versatile piece of jewelry out there. They can be worn with anything, for any occasion.  They’re great for casual evenings, for work and also great for formal occasions too. If you haven’t yet gifted it to your loved one, be it your girlfriend, wife, or fiancé, you can always get this brilliant piece to make her eyes sparkle.

Why to Buy Diamond Studs Online?

Discover limitless options in exquisite earrings at Jewels Forum, a one stop destination for fashionable hi-end diamond jewelry of all types. We bring you latest ethnic designs and a variety of stunners in the category of contemporary diamond earrings.

Apart from diamond studs we also offer other types of diamond earrings crafted in  metals like yellow gold and white gold in latest designs. Check out the latest jewellery designs from us. Diamonds, sapphire, garnet, amethyst, ruby and colored stones are used to make the exquisite pieces of jewellery. Discover a myriad range of stylish studs that go perfectly well with your casual look. The specialty of the studs - each one has been crafted with extreme care and precision. We value your needs. So, we take extreme care to design each pair of stud earring for you. But still, if you love to personalize your jewellery and offer your customized designs made exclusively for you.

We are indeed proud of our expert artists who work tirelessly to give you something rare and exclusive which is completely customized for your and which no one else would have. We provide you with the facility of lifetime exchange and guarantee that 100% refund will be done if you don't like the product. We are committed to provide the best to you. Our diverse range includes all styles from studs, danglers, hoops and jhumkis, heavy and light weight designs and so our portal is the perfect choice for online jewellery shopping.

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  1. Starry Bloom Diamond Stud

    Regular Price: Rs. 9,113.00

    Special Price: Rs. 8,552.00

    If you like to have a timeless design, then get this absolutely classy diamond stud in floral design. Jewelsforum brings for you brilliant stud designs to make you look like a diva.

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  2. Ruby Diamond Interlocked Stud Earring

    Rs. 12,996.00

    Sporting a sparkling ruby at the centre, this beautiful and unique diamond stud earring will go well with all attire, be it ethnic or modern, that you choose to wear. Jewelsforum brings for you fashionable designer jewellery.

    Learn More

  3. Paon du Jour Diamond Stud Earring

    Rs. 39,418.00

    Expertly crafted this beautiful butterfly shaped diamond stud earring will make you look simply gorgeous. Jewelsforum brings for you stunning designs.

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  4. Starry Delight Diamond Earring

    Rs. 16,656.00

    Sparkle with this exquisite designer diamond Earring stud in floral design that has been crafted to perfection to suit your personality. Jewelsforum brings for you impeccable designs

    Learn More

  5. Dazzling Dahlia Diamond Stud Earring

    Rs. 42,479.00

    Dazzle among all with this brilliantly designed diamond stud earring that will make you look like a dazzling diva. Jewelsforum brings to you designer jewellery.

    Learn More

  6. Cupid Dahlia Diamond Stud Earring

    Rs. 59,435.00

    Adore this extremely beautiful and special pair of Diamond stud Earrings that has been crafted to perfection. Jewelsforum presents wonderful and classy designs.

    Learn More

  7. Ardha Charka Diamond Stud Earring

    Rs. 101,538.00

    If you are planning to surprise your loved one, then gift this beautiful Diamond stud earring that has been crafted with excellence to suit special occasions.

    Learn More

  8. Flora Paisley Diamond Stud Earring

    Rs. 20,591.00

    Look stunning with this pair of Diamond studs that has been crafted with intricate craftsmanship. Jewelsforum brings to you exclusive designs suitable for you.

    Learn More

  9. Twinkling Diva Diamond Stud Earring

    Rs. 31,569.00

    Stylish and beautiful, this will indeed be a smart option to buy. Perfect for evening parties this will surely make you look like a diva.

    Learn More

  10. Kamalini Diamond Hoop Earring

    Rs. 49,785.00

    Designed to suit modern woman, this comes with brilliant design of a lotus. Jewelsforum brings for you rare and exclusive diamond jewelleries.

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