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A perfect earring to flaunt your stylish avatar this will make you look simply stunning. Dangle earrings generally have a stud or clip at the top from which the rest of the earring is suspended. Below intricate work in metals are done. In this style, the earring has a swinging motion that allows any accents to sway and catch the light.

Tips to Buy Danglers Online

Dangle earrings are available in different metals ranging from platinum and gold. Especially they look even more brilliant if we place a diamond on it. Diamond Dangler Earrings will make you look attractive indeed. A small tip: The length of your neck plays an important role in deciding the perfect dangler for you. If your neck is long you have the most choice but for women with shorter necks, care needs to be taken that the dangle earrings should be an accent only.

Why to Buy Danglers Online?

A perfect blend of style and grace, Jewels Forum presents sleek and charming danglers to suit your personality. We also bring to you the option of making customized jewellery according to your choice. So, accentuate your beauty with these smart Diamond dangler earrings from our huge collection. Diamonds, sapphire, garnet, amethyst, ruby and colored stones are used to make the exquisite pieces of jewellery. With easy return policy we promise to offer you with the best options which for sure you will treasure.

Discover limitless options in exquisite earrings at Jewels Forum, a one stop destination for fashionable hi-end diamond jewelry of all types. We bring you latest ethnic designs and a variety of stunners in the category of contemporary diamond earrings. Not only that you can now add a personal touch to your jewellery as we promise to customize your jewellery with the assistance from the best craftsman. We are indeed proud of our expert artists who work tirelessly to give you something rare and exclusive which is completely customized for your and which no one else would have. We provide you with the facility of lifetime exchange and guarantee that 100% refund will be done if you don't like the product. We are committed to provide the best to you. Our diverse range includes all styles from studs, danglers, hoops and jhumkis, heavy and light weight designs and so our portal is the perfect choice for online jewellery shopping.

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  1. Morning Star Gold and Diamond Earring

    Rs. 21,130.00

    Summer calls for pretty band smart floral patterns and here we have a floral design that comes complete with spaced out and abstract design in yellow gold. At the top you have a shining yellow gold star with a diamond set in the middle.

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  2. Poinsettia Gold and Diamond Earring

    Rs. 13,409.00

    Pep up any boring look with a smart pair of earring that has a gold border and fine yellow gold lines inside it. The noticeable thing is the three point star that imparts a festive look to the earring itself.

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  3. Blissful Love Gold and Diamond Earring

    Rs. 21,375.00

    Adorn yourself with something that is extraordinary and it is here that a yellow gold earring with betel leaf shape comes in handy. The dual border in gold has abstract design within it and the middle has two yellow gold fixtures to elevate the look. Moreover, the inverted pear drop has a diamond in the middle.

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  4. Beauty in Abstraction Gold and Diamond Earring

    Rs. 19,604.00

    Be it a morning function or an evening of fun with friends and family, this earring with uneven border and spider web design can be a definite option for you. The extra touch of glamour comes through a solid gold border and has a single diamond in the middle.

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  5. Beche Gold Earring

    Rs. 12,498.00

    Earrings are the best option when you are in favour of minimal jewellery. The design is graceful and though the designs are light weight, there are geometric and abstract pattern inside the earring with an inverted love shape on top in solid gold.

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  6. Triumph and Joy Gold Earring

    Rs. 17,703.00

    Triangles are an exceptionally beautiful design pattern and here the fine gold lines and border in between impart a look of refined elegance. The top portion has a triangle in solid gold; and has a small diamond studded in the middle.

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  7. Hexagon of Happiness Gold and Diamond Earring

    Rs. 16,926.00

    Be a star yourself with this excellent 6 point star shaped jali earring. The pattern inside the border is the high point in the design and the cute yellow gold star and diamond combination on top is expressly beautiful and elegant.

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  8. Half Moon Gold Earring

    Rs. 21,130.00

    Now office wear can become even more stylish with a beautiful earring that comes in a crescent moon design and fine yellow gold lines in parallel patterns. The design is extremely pretty and can be paired with office wear kurti or a saree. The design is modern and highly coveted by the women who love their jewellery.

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  9. Tender Leaves Gold and Diamond Earring

    Rs. 16,385.00

    The design of an earring is the first and foremost thing that attracts the attention of wearers and here the design is the queen in itself. The leaf shaped design has a yellow gold outline and there are marvelous lines in yellow gold running the length and breadth of the hollow. The top part is in solid gold.

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  10. Strings of Harp Gold and Diamond Earring

    Rs. 18,538.00

    Give a unique touch to the accessories you sport with this lightweight earring that looks bold at the same time. The elongated design has parallel lines in gold and there is a diamond nestled inside a yellow gold nest at the very top.

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