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Bracelets not only enhances your inner beauty but makes your look complete. Be it sleek and stylish or an ornate one, Jewels Forum brings to you latest designs that have been crafted to perfection. Our brilliant collection features things that are rare and exclusive. Diamond Bracelets makes you look classy. Be it single or double lined, we come to you with Latest Designer Bracelets. You are sure to find your perfect gold Bracelets right here. In every single Gold and Diamond Bracelets you will find exquisite design and enduring value. Be it for an evening party or any special occasions, you must try out our extraordinary collections.

Jewels Forum is constantly working to serve you with the best. And we believe in quality and sincerity. The bracelet range at Jewels Forum speaks volumes on immaculate craftsmanship and delicate designs brilliantly balancing the traditional oomph with modern designer aesthetics. Online diamond jewellery shopping from Jewels Forum is something which you will love to do. Bracelets from Jewels Forum flaunt not just rare designs but are crafted with precision to suit every occasion, outfit and personality. Our special range in the bracelet and bangles category flaunts exclusive diamond decked bracelets and bangles where each product is not only different from one another but has a unique story of creation.

We specialize in diamond embellished bracelet designs befitting all pockets. Explore your choices today!

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  1. Elevate Love

    Rs. 40,685.00

    This ultra sleek chain bracelet is chic and urbane. Its minimalist design is sure to make a lasting appeal. This simple yet classy jewelry design is our boutique collection.

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  2. Entwined Quartet Diamond Bracelet

    Rs. 29,079.00

    Delicately crafted, this can be the perfect birthday gift for your darling wife. You will certainly see her eyes twinkle in delight, seeing this stylish diamond bracelet which features four brilliant diamonds. Jewelsforum brings for you the latest designer jewellery for women at affordable prices.

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  3. Hexa Leafy Sparkling Diamond Bracelet

    Rs. 39,965.00

    Inspired highly by the leafy motifs, this ravishing bracelet with diamonds will look brilliant in your wrist. Jewelsforum brings for you the latest designer jewellery for women.

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  4. Circlet Diamond Bracelet

    Rs. 37,287.00

    Simple yet elegant, this diamond bracelet has been crafted to perfection. Jewelsforum brings for you impressive designer jewellery for all.

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  5. Chrysanthemum Diamond Bracelet

    Rs. 27,110.00

    Perfect to go with any outfit, this diamond bracelet is a timeless piece for sure. Designed excellently, jewelsforum brings for you stylish floral bracelets.

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  6. Scintillating Twilight Diamond Bracelet

    Rs. 28,095.00

    Beautify your wrist with this exquisitely designer Bracelet.

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  7. Lucia Spiral Bracelet

    Rs. 40,843.00

    Crafted to impress this is extremely sleek and beautiful.

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  8. Elliptical Annulus Rhombic Diamond Ring

    Rs. 40,800.00

    Extremely mesmerizing this beautifully crafted bracelet will become your favorite instantly.

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  9. Everlasting Twirling Bracelet

    Rs. 35,527.00

    The subtle beauty makes this extremely trendy Bracelet in prong setting something really alluring.

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  10. Frond Diamond Bracelet

    Rs. 34,737.00

    Designed with excellent craftsmanship this Diamond Bracelet is something perfect for casual wear.

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